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As people are spending more time in their houses due to the pandemic, we are witnessing an increasing number of homeowners renovating their properties, and wanting to carry out electrical upgrades.

Consequently, at High Park Electrical, we are electrical contractors committed to rendering consistent quality in all of our projects. Besides, we listen carefully to our client's ideas and always take a safety-first approach with our services.

Our services include wiring/ rewiring, knob & tube wiring/ replacement, new construction lighting, and electrical troubleshooting. Read on to learn more about the primary services we provide:

Our services

1. Electrical service upgrade
Electrical service upgrades can be complex and require a professional to maintain safety and quality. We ensure that all the breakers and fuses are in the right places while completing effective electrical panel upgrades.

2. Knob and tube removal
In old homes, knobs and tubes need to be disconnected as there is no ground wire which makes them hazardous, especially in wetter areas. We can efficiently remove it with minimal drywall tear-out and patching.

3. Generator installation
When fitting new generators, we prepare the sight according to local building codes, and take care of electrical panels and fuel connections. We also ensure that there is a backup in place and carry out regular maintenance.

4. Pots lights installation
Pot lights and accent lighting can beautify a room and highlight art and décor. Consequently, while installing recessed lights, we ensure that we get the power load calculations spot on before wiring, mounting, and adding the trim.

5. Aluminum wiring removal
Aluminum wiring causes overheating in light switches and fixtures and can become dangerous over time, so it needs to get replaced with traditional copper wiring. We come up with functional wiring plans and discuss them in great detail with the client.

Why choose us?

1. Licensed
Our electricians are qualified, which makes us a trusted company you can depend on to complete your electrical requirements. Besides, our electricians are experienced and use their specialist knowledge to create optimum solutions.

2. Electrical permit holders
We hold all necessary electrical permits and can reliably bring your house up to code. We also stay up to date with the latest industry standards to render the best possible outcomes.

3. Insured
Our team always takes care and is respectful of people's homes, so there is rarely any damage to the walls and ceilings. However, we are fully insured, which provides peace of mind that clients' homes would get covered under insurance if a mishap was to occur.

For more details about our electrical services, in Etobicoke, Toronto, reach out to High Park Electrical. We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible industrial, commercial and residential electrical services at affordable rates.

Our residential services include arc fault breaker replacement, ceiling fan installation, switch and outlet circuits, electrical remodeling and additions, and ground fault interrupter circuits. We also render hard-wired smoke/carbon monoxide alarms, security and landscape lighting, pool and spa lighting repair, and electrical heat and air condition units.

Our industrial services include remodeling and leased spaced wiring, isolated computer circuits, new construction lighting, hidden lighting and control, security and landscape lighting, and emergency egress lighting.

We serve clients across Etobicoke, Vaughan, Markham, Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville, and the surrounding areas.

To learn more about the electrical services we offer, please click, or get in touch with us by clicking here. 

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