• Licensed Electrician Etobicoke

    Great work, very experienced with knob & tube replacement

    Replacing knob & tube in most of house Jose and High Park Electrical lived up to the high expectations set by previous reviews on this website. Jose and two of his electricians worked steadily for approx. 2 weeks to completely re-wire almost every room in the house and install new wiring for overhead light fixtures in almost every room. I was amazed at how little damage was done to the walls and ceilings considering they had to install wires where they had never been conceived in my 100+ year old house. The work was done on time and on budget.

    Tom in Cabbagetown
  • Licensed Electrician Etobicoke

    Electrical rewiring

    Jose replaced the knob and tube wiring that was present in 80% of our house. Not only was he very aware of the need to minimize the visible entry points through the plaster, but he also discussed his wiring plans in great detail so that we knew what to expect. The panel was well done. As well, he discovered that our dryer needed a separate grounded line, and replaced this as well. The finishing touch was replacing an old chain pull for the laundry light with one that was easier to use

    Thanks Jose!

    Lisa- Bloor West
  • Licensed Electrician Etobicoke

    Electrical retrofitting and new construction As part of an extensive renovation and being our own contractor, we hired Jose to do extensive electrical work on our century home which included removal of all knob and tube, retrofitting all rooms not being renovated with new outlets, switches and overhead lighting, hardwiring a new smoke/CO detector system, updating a very messy panel, and wiring all the new construction including a new kitchen and outdoor lighting. We needed someone who would not only bring our house up to code, but work out a practical and functional electrical plan for the main floor new construction. Jose was always a step ahead of us in proposing practical solutions to our electrical needs. He was flexible with our schedule, came when he said he would and always cleaned up at the end of the day. It was a large job and he handled it very well at a reasonable cost.

    Natasha and Joe in Bloor West
  • Licensed Electrician Etobicoke

    In praise of Jose

    Replacement of knob and tube wiring Jose replaced my knob and tube wiring in two stages since I could not afford to have it all done at once. He also cleaned up the wiring in the basement. I would gladly recommend Jose to anyone who needs someone who is both qualified and reliable to work on their house.

  • Licensed Electrician Etobicoke

    Knob and tube replacement

    I have sent Jose to several jobs doing electrical work for me in the Junction High Park neighborhood. Because I’m the general contractor conducting the overall renovation, I need a licensed electrician that is careful and respectful to the older homes that have lathe and plaster and wood finishing. He works like a surgeon.

    Brian Taborek (Reno Coach)