Common Mistake People Make When Hiring An Electrician

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An electrician is a trained and qualified individual specializing in the installation and maintenance of wiring, equipment, or fixtures and is generally involved with electrical troubleshooting, electrical malfunctions and blackouts and the repairing of appliances.

While do-it-yourself videos explain electrical concepts and offer jumbled advice online, correctly wiring a building or changing fixtures positioning in a home is an undertaking that is best left to the professionals.

While saving you a few pennies, DIY electrical solutions have the potential to cost more in the long run as shoddy wiring and improperly executed lighting projects can be a safety hazard that does not pass inspection.

To help you avoid some basic errors that could prove to be costly, High Park Electrical has put together a list of the most common mistakes people make when hiring an electrician.

1. Not making sure that they have a license
Some of the disadvantages of hiring unlicensed electricians are that they cannot be held accountable when things go wrong. They could be unaware of current technologies, not know or follow safety codes, and leave you in a rough spot selling your home in the future. On the other hand, a licensed electrician is likely to be bonded and insured in case of accidents, be up to date on the latest and best in electric technology and offer overall superior quality of service.

2. Not applying for an electrical permit before starting
Installing or altering any permanent wiring or electrical device, or running additional wiring, typically requires notification of work with the electrical safety authority (ESA) and an inspection to verify the project complies with the Ontario electrical safety code. A licensed electrical contractor will be able to file the notification. The contractor will also take care of the inspection process and calculate notification fees.

3. Allowing a general contractor to do electrical work
While electrical work isn't rocket science, it does require code knowledge, which general contractors know nothing about. Additionally, while most of us know how to install receptacle or switch outlets, only licensed electrical contractor inspected work is covered by insurance companies. Some general contractors try to talk you into a homeowner permit. This permit is legal, but you bear the responsibility if something goes wrong.

4. Not doing their homework
No matter the scale of the project, or your understanding of construction, failing to do your homework when it comes to electrical work can have devastating effects on you the safety and reliability of your electrical fixtures in the future. Making clear plans and finding a licensed electrical contractor to complete the project is a sure way to a home that meets the highest safety standards and is a joy to its owner.

5. Not asking enough questions
As the American novelist Thomas Berger once said, "the science of asking questions is the source of all knowledge." When we talk about electrical design, planning and execution, this saying holds a lot of truth. Without asking questions, consumers are likely to make uninformed decisions based on whims that can easily lead to confusion and wastage of valuable time and resources.

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